Waves of Depression

Sitting at a restaurant on the seafront I see Sarah*. Sarah meets me to tell me her story about mental illness. She looks at the sea and tells me how one day this was not possible for her as the waves crashing on the rocks gave her severe panic attacks. Panic attacks that were uncontrollable, restricted her... Continue Reading →

Celebrity Status

Ever felt like a fish out of water?I go to China every year to Beijing or Shanghai and its usually pretty much the same. Beijing is a mix of traditional and modern with Chinese style buildings and skyscrapers. Shanghai on the other hand is more modern and somewhat less smelly.In Beijing you encounter more of... Continue Reading →

I am a Buddhist

No I haven't changed religion and become a Buddhist but that is what I am typing out at the moment in preparation for my annual trip to China. Every year I visit China for an exhibition related to my work (engineering work) and obviously a certain amount of preparation is needed. One of my tasks... Continue Reading →

Hail to Women’s Day!

On today's day, Women's Day, most women are divided into two: those wishing each and every women they know a Happy Women's Day perhaps not even knowing why they are transmitting such wishes and the others who firmly express their wishes not to be wished a Happy Women's Day on the grounds that they do... Continue Reading →

The Sinister Face of Domestic Violence

I was watching my guilty pleasure of the week, Grey's Anatomy, with one of the story lines of the episode being domestic violence. One of character's abusive ex-husband has a new girlfriend. Fast forwarding a bit to a scene which really struck a cord, with the new girlfriend coming to terms with the abuse she also experienced.... Continue Reading →

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